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  • Base rate Crab fishing charter (with 4 traps) up to 6 guests……………………..$450.00 plus tax 5%.

  • Prawn & Crab charters (4 crab traps and 6 Prawn traps) up to 6 guests. Year round…..$750.00 plus tax 5%.

  • Salmon fishing charter. Include’s 4 crab traps while fishing for salmon. Based on up to 6 guests, 6 hours. May 1st to August.31st……………..$850.00 plus 5% tax

  • Salmon and Cod fishing for up to 8 hours………….$950.00 plus 5 % tax.

  • All charters are subject to changes based on DFO in season changes  to the fishing regulations or the marine weather conditions. 
  • The charter Captain reserves the right to cancel or change any charter based on a mechanical issues with the vessel, poor weather, or any other circumstances beyond their control.
  • Charter prices are subject to changes based on in season increases in fuel costs or gear other operational increases.
  • FEDERAL TAX GST is 5%. 
  • All charters are based on up to 6 guests.
  • Additional guests $125.00 each up to 10 guests.
  • Hourly rate for the vessel and Captain is $175.00
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