New 2019/2020 regulations for all British Columbia tidal waters

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New 2019 / 2020 fishing regulations are in force for the BC coast tidal waters. These changes were bound to happen, in my opinion. Our salmon species and ground fish Cod species can now grow and reproduce in troubled areas. After reading the new regulations I decided to move my boat “MyBabeToo” from Nanaimo to Port Alberni.

I’m now booking charters for the tidal waters in area 23 and 123. I fished the Port Alberni canal since 14 years old . My parents lived and worked in Port Alberni during the 60’s and 70’s. Dad bought a 14 aluminum open boat with a 9.8 HP Yamaha outboard. I fished every chance I got. I caught some huge fish and sure had a blast getting them in the boat by myself or with friends.

Now many years later with my acquired knowledge of fishing Salmon and Cod, I look forward to providing charters and catching awesome fish in these areas again.


About Captain Al

I've been fishing in the oceans since I was 14 years old. I thoroughly love fishing and catching record sized Salmon and Cod. Some 45 years later I'm teaching others to fish and enjoy the nature of the oceans. I started catching Salmon and Ling Cod in record sizes in the Port Alberni canal and Bamfield area at 14 years old. My parents owned a 14 foot aluminum boat so I'd head out every chance to enjoy all I could catch. 45 lb Springs were common in those areas.
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